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Why do I need a  Permit

One or more permits may be required when renovating your home.

A plumbing permit is required if you are moving any plumbing lines, or if you are adding a washroom or powder room to your unit.

An electrical permit may be required if you are adding or moving outlets, switches etc.  Aluminium Wire was used when the townhouses were built in 1971.  Refer to the Electrical Renovations tab for additional information.  Andy Hoffer, Unit # 63, kindly documented tips regarding working with aluminium wiring.  Follow Aluminium Wiring Tips to review Andy’s tips.

A building permit helps to make sure that any structural change to your home is safe.  As part of the building permit process, Toronto Building staff must review your plans to ensure they comply with provincial and municipal safety/building codes and bylaws.  Often, plan examiners and inspectors can offer suggestions to help you solve or avoid construction problems.

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