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The YCC 35 Board of Directors is aware of a number of townhouse units that have been structurally modified.  In several of these cases, there were serious safety issues.

Over the years, structural changes to a unit may, or may not, have been properly engineered.  If properly engineered, there should be no need for concern, by the unit owners, or the Board.

However, if not properly engineered, structural changes could result in serious safety issues for the occupants, as well as costly repairs to the unit, including common elements such as the roof.  This is a concern for us all.

In situations where the changes were made by a previous owner, the present owner may not even be aware of them.  Here are links to a set of drawings for a standard 3 bedroom unit in our complex.  Std 3BR – Main Floor Layout Std 3BR Basement Layout Std 3BR – 2nd Storey Layout.  These drawings were compiled from the original engineered drawings registered with the City of Etobicoke.

Please take a moment to review these drawings and check to see if your unit has been structurally altered.  Possible tell tale signs are sloped floors, cracks in wall/ceiling joints, sagging beams, doors that don’t close properly, etc.

If you suspect that there have been changes made within your unit that may impact the structural integrity, please advise a board member.  If you need assistance in making this assessment, a board member will be more than happy to assist you.  A Retroactive Alteration Agreement may have to be registered against your unit.  Download the attached file,Retroactive Alteration Agreement.

And please remember, if you are planning to make any changes to your unit, it is your responsibility to notify a board member, in writing, in advance of the work being done.  In some cases an Alteration Agreement will be required to be  registered against the title of your unit.  Download the attached file, Future Alteration Agreement

The safety of all occupants within our complex is of the utmost priority.  Your assistance in checking the structural integrity of your unit will help ensure this.