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Who’s Responsible

The Common Elements consist of all the lawns, roads, walkways, etc., the exterior walls and roofs of the units, driveways, and underground parking.  It is the sole responsibility of the Corporation (under the direction of the Board of Directors) to govern the use and direct the maintenance of these Common Elements.  (See also the Declaration – paragraph 8 and 9).  Subject to the above regulations, each unit has the exclusive use of the adjacent patio and the space contained within the privacy fences.  Although these areas are for the exclusive use of the individual Unit Owner, it should be noted that any modifications to these areas require the prior written approval of the Board of Directors.

The foundation plantings such as small flower gardens and the shrubbery immediately adjacent to the front and rear of each unit are planted by the Owner and are the Owner’s responsibility.  All Residents are encouraged to do as much as possible to enhance these garden areas, but are not compelled to do so.  Any plantings that are not maintained by the Owner will become the responsibility of the Corporation who will maintain or remove them as is deemed necessary.  The extension of existing hedges and/or fences, and planting of trees is not permitted.  In the Summer months, Residents are requested to water the lawns immediately in front and back of their individual units.

No changes should be made to the exteriors of units, including windows and doors, without the prior written permission of the Board of Directors.  The painting of exterior doors, window frames, balconies, fences, etc. is the responsibility of the Corporation, although repair and replacement of doors and windows is the responsibility of the Unit Owner.

The ground maintenance of the common property is contracted to a professional landscape company.  This company looks after grass cutting, snow removal, garbage collection, etc.  The Board of Directors is responsible for all communications with this company, and Residents are asked to channel all enquiries or comments through a Board member.